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About Us

Bringing security & professionalism to an exciting & fast moving industry

We operate as a full-service cryptocurrency retailer.
Trading with us is more secure because you are buying from our reserves. We are different to an exchange or a brokerage because you hold your own coins, not us. Furthermore, as a retailer, we are particularly passionate about offering personalised service with a strong focus on education and support.

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Our story

  1. BitPrime was founded in March 2017 by partners Ross Carter-Brown and Monique Wright. Initially, Ross and Monique worked from home, selling Bitcoin to customers and using a whiteboard to keep track of ‘live’ orders. It’s safe to say things have come a long way since.
  2. Demand quickly escalated as cryptocurrency made its way into mainstream media channels. Ross and Monique recognised that the market was about to explode, and needed room to grow.
  3. BitPrime moved into the BizDojo shared office space in Christchurch with the addition of two new employees; Lucy and Courtenay. BitPrime joined forces with two other businesses based in the BizDojo, and together they began working on creating a new scalable platform with streamlined processes.

Our mission

 To make accessing digital assets simple and secure while supporting blockchain-based adoption in Australasia with an emphasis on quality content and education.

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After the most recent Global Financial Crisis,  more and more people have concerns about the central bank controlled monetary system, political interference, and the general sustainability of the current economic model. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, were created as a direct response to these concerns.

BitPrime set out to respond to the growing need for secure cryptocurrency retail trading for all New Zealanders. We are passionate about being part of this alternative de-centralised system, and the autonomy and empowerment it offers to the individual. However, these new systems and technology are a paradigm shift that leaves some feeling challenged and unsure how to get started.

Our mission is twofold:

  1. NZ’s most trusted cryptocurrency retailer for service, education, and support

    BitPrime brings the human interactions back to a normally very automated and sterile industry. Due to our high-end service model, our customers know who they are dealing with.

    Our systems are designed to process the orders quickly, while our team of experts are available to give individualised service to larger orders and cater to specific customer needs.

    We’re passionate about providing quality content as NZ’s go-to for cryptocurrency information and education. At BitPrime, we publish content for everyone, from the beginner to the seasoned investor.

    When starting out in crypto, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the technological jargon. We aim to bring your concerns to light, decoding the world of cryptocurrency so you feel reassured, just as you would trading in the regular stock market. BitPrime offers education and support on setting up wallets for safer storing of your funds, along with wider information regarding developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  2. Fast, secure & reliable trading

    Our state of the art system run by our team of enthusiastic professionals ensures you get what you want, exactly when you need it. We are very different from your typical ‘bare-bones’ exchange.

    BitPrime chooses to operate as a cryptocurrency retailer, whereby you purchase directly from our own reserves, rather than a third party. When you place an order we transfer the funds directly to a wallet that you specify.

    We don’t hold or manage your funds like an exchange or broker does, avoiding the significant counter-party risks that these options entail. All your cryptocurrency purchases are sent directly to your own wallets which you control directly. So, in the unlikely event of a hack or if we went out of business, you’re not at risk because we don’t hold any of your hard-earned money.


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Our Team

Trade with us

Deal directly with a NZ based cryptocurrency retailer for simplicity, education and extra security. 

  • NZ based retailer

    Know who you are dealing with. Easy trading of 50 crypto-coins

  • Personal service

    Get expert advice. Book 1-on-1 support calls or consultation sessions

  • Security & anti-fraud

    DDoS attack protection, full data encryption, robust ID verification

  • knowledge is power

    Empower yourself. NZ's best info source on cryptocurrency

  • High asset liquidity

    Fast order execution for buy and sell. Easy trading you can trust

  • Two Payment options

    Standard Internet banking, POLI for faster processing

  • Officially registered & regulated, IRD compliant

  • Small & large orders

    Crypto for all NZers. Special conditions for high volumes

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